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Darkness Gathers, Yet Oz Remains Undaunted
by Greer Woodward for Senses Five Press

"I’m far away from those bountiful days of childhood, but I’m pleased to report that Shadows of the Emerald City, JW Schnarr’s 19-story anthology about the dark side of Oz, offers a sense of Oz’s continuing expansiveness as well as a satisfying number of characters that yearn to be part of the enchanted land..."

Review: Shadows of the Emerald City
by Jennifer Brozek at Apex Book Blog

"JW Schnarr hit it out of the park with this collect of macabre, dirty, perverse, corrupted stories. I have never paused while reading to say, “That is so f’d up!” so many times before while reading an anthology. And I meant in the nicest way possible. Though, nice is not a word to be used with this anthology—ever."

Review: Shadows of the Emerald City
by Mike Wever, Editor of Wanderings Magazine

"There are some people who will never grow up, who will never abandon the simple joys of their childhood. Then there are those who cannot grow up fast enough and yearn for the day when the last memories of their innocent years blow away in a harsh wind. Shadows of the Emerald City is strictly aimed at the latter. "

Review: Shadows of the Emerald City
by Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine

"As an anthology Shadows of the Emerald City American classic and breaks it down in a way that rounds out the world of Oz, which L. Frank Baum would be proud of. These stories, like Baum’s original works are much darker and sinister than Hollywood’s version and this in a good thing."

Review: Shadows of the Emerald City
by Ben Cooper for Innsmouth Free Press

"If you are a fan of L. Frank Baum’s creation, and don’t mind seeing it subverted and twisted, often to good effect, then you’ll enjoy this anthology."

GUEST POST: Brandon Bell Reviews
Shadows of the Emerald City
by Brandon bell for M-Brane SF

"This is, first and foremost, an anthology of horror stories.  And readers looking for something different in a horror collection, a collection that achieves this not only through the unique background of Oz but through a variety of tales and story modes, will find a sinister pleasure in these excursions over the rainbow."

Review: Shadows of the Emerald City
by The_Undead_Review for Horror-web

"Shadows of the Emerald City is nearly impossible to put down, more so if you’ve ever been a fan of the original books.  One thing Northern Frights did correctly right off the bat was gather together a grouping of writers who had a love for L. Frank Baum’s classic tales and an understanding of the dark path that lay very near to the magical land of Oz.  While the talent was definitely a plus, the thing that really made this collection so great was that while each story is an offshoot of the classics, each story is also a completely different entity.  What I mean by this is that while they all draw inspiration from the originals, no story sounds like a rehash of something we’ve already read.  It makes for an incredibly enjoyable read."

Review: Shadows of the Emerald City
by Krista D. Ball for Sleepless eReader

"If you have $2.99 and are itching for an ebook, you must go purchase Shadows of the Emerald City. It's that good.

I confess that I own the paperback, which I purchased from the Northern Frights Publishings's booth at Edmonton's Pure Spec convention in October. So, I'm cheating just a tiny bit here. However, the words are all the same and, at that $2.99, you just can't go wrong with this book."